Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So weak.

I cannot believe how weak I am. I still am so sick, this entity will not leave me alone, and while I sleep, I swear there is someone that comes to stand over me… someone that is not my captor or the woman… someone… new. I don't see him, or her--I am sure it is a male, however-- when I am awake, and he, or she, is not always there when I am asleep--or rather, unconscious--however, he, or she, is there enough that I am sure, I am not making it up. The shadow's presence around me does not deaden me that much. Though there are times that I wish it would kill me… for the others, and for mother, I cannot give up, or give in… not to the shadow, and not to my captor's. No matter what either of them want. I have to get the strength to wake fully and then find even more strength to get well to fight and figure out what they all want….


Thursday, December 24, 2009

On Hold…

Just a quick note that the blog is on hold until after the first of the year…with the holidays and my health, things have spiraled a little and time has passed too fast. So, a little break and we will return again after the first of the year…and hopefully the new chapter will be ready and posted by then, but it may have to be postponed and posted on February 1st instead. We will See. I wish all of you many happy wishes during the holidays.


Monday, December 14, 2009

I dreamed…

I was in a dark, dank place, sitting on a hard surface, not able to see anything…not even able to make out my own form. Out of it came that insidious whispering voice. I cannot tell what it is saying, but as it whispers, my body breaks out in goose pimples and it causes my body to flop over into convulsions.

I feel the clammy, slimy fingers of some unknown--yet familiar--being slide over my arms as it hugs my jerking body to it--like a child to an adult. No, not just an adult…a parent. And not just a parent--but a mother.

Yet, this is not my mother. I try to jerk away…however, my little body is no match for the strength of this shadow being. It…she…pinches me and twists my tight arm behind my back, almost snapping the appendage. I scream and suddenly, in the dark there are dozens of little red lights…including some incredibly close to my face…

These were no lights--thet were eyes. Eyes peering hungrily at me.

What did they need…? Why did they want me…?

~Allorana's subconscious

Allorana and her Mother, Shashanna, are characters out a free eSerial called Mu mysteries written by Cherry Dumas (www.enchantmentofthemind.com , www.cherrydumas@blogspot.com , www.twitter.com/cherrydumas , www.facebook.com/cherry.dumas